When Democracy Is Threatened


Democracy In Jeopardy?

The recent trend of silencing dissent by force is dangerous to democracy. The history of humanity is full of regimes and dangerous leaders who have risen to power by silencing their critics. The process begins by vigorous debate followed by the violent silencing of opponents when debate does not deliver the results the leader desires.

Since history is selectively being deleted from our educational system, a large number of our citizens below the age of 40 have little knowledge or appreciation of historical events. I have lived a long life and have seen history made and repeated over and over again. My children’s education is extremely limited in relation to historical events although they are highly educated by present standards. Within the last 30 years, the educational system has attempted and succeeded in eliminating history and demonizing the US. This is an insidious method of silencing dissent by refusing to educate our youth.

Ignorance Is Bliss

Americans have limited knowledge of this country’s past or world history. I am not kidding. Ask any person who fought in the first or second world wars. Approximately 50 % can answer the question. Of these, half do not know what countries made up of the Axis countries or allied powers. There is little understanding of the consequences of wars or the sacrifices made by millions.

This is significant as only about fifty percent of people can even find the US on a world map! Less than that know which country we fought with for our independence! You get the picture. These are relatively well-known facts by the senior generation. When you try to discuss ancient cultures, forget it. If people have no knowledge of the past failures, the future will be repeated again and again. Tyrannical regimes have come and gone throughout history and continue throughout the world. Ask anyone in the US what rights the population of communist or monarch societies have. An uninformed society is easy to foil and influence.

Does Anyone Understand the Meaning of Socialism?

The answer is limited. When I was in college, socialism seemed like a wonderful idea. Everyone worked and shared the burden equally. What a bunch of bull! Presently only half the population is willing to work, and the remaining would be happy to live off those who do work. That is the lie of socialism.

When a recent poll said that 53 % of high school graduates would vote for a socialist, I knew the educational system has succeeded. Although the definition is not appreciated, true socialism has failed in every society where it was attempted. A list of failed states includes Russia, North Korea, Cuba, and of course the latest casualty, Venezuela.

Hybrid socialistic states have been successful, especially in European countries. These countries have been successful because of coexistent capitalistic multinational and national companies. Without capitalism, these countries would fail. As witnessed in the last 10 years, many of these states are failing financially. For all the complaints of capitalism, this economical system has produced more affluence for all people than any other mechanism in history.

Can Anything Be Done?

With the colossal failure of the US public educational system, I doubt anything can or will be done. The US system will continue to produce a large number of functionally illiterate people. The truth is obvious but no one will utter that fact. Millions of jobs are available for educated and prepared students, but few have even the minimum standards needed for employment. How can these people begin to understand the importance of democracy? It has been a miraculous achievement for all of

How can these people begin to understand the importance of democracy? It has been a miraculous achievement for all of humanity. When a group of people decides that all opinion but theirs must be silenced, we have begun the early process of seizing power by force, similar to the early 1930″s of Germany. I am a senior and the majority of the people my age have done their part for democracy. The process is no longer up to us. We have succeeded but I doubt the younger people understand or care. They will when their lives and their liberty have been removed. And then it will be too late. This is not my future but theirs. Take heed.