Snowflakes – A New Political Term?


Do We have A New Species of Americans?

Snowflake, the new word that has entered the political discourse. The word is constantly heard on the news. Facebook and twitter have this term regularly. What does this mean and does it have any real relevance? From my best understanding, snowflake refers to a younger population of Americans who have difficulty dealing with the reality of life. Of course, other definitions of this term are likely and I am sure to be corrected.

How Did This Evolve?

Snowflake originated out of the most recent political activism. The term originated from clever political people to describe young confused liberals. The term was first heard about 2 months ago and has stuck.

Snowflake was born out of political protests of President Trump’s election. A large number of young angry voters could not accept the loss of Hillary Clinton. The snowflakes thought that a temper tantrum and complaining to their mommies would make the new president disappear. This method has always worked for them at home with their mommies and schools. Why can everyone not see that they are right and everyone else was wrong? How can no one see their ultimate knowledge? Face up to the facts, you are not as important as you think you are.

crying mom-snowflake

This Trend Will Pass

Like all political gotcha words, the word snowflake will disappear into oblivion. As these young people grow into their 30’s and have children, they will forget what they were so fervent about. This trend has recurred numerous times and will not change. These same snowflakes will be amazed to see a new younger generation demonstrating against a cause they do not understand. The circle of life will continue. Snowflakes no more.