Revolution In America? I Doubt It

revolution in america

The Election is Over

The election of the new president has concluded and the peaceful transfer of power will occur. You cannot change the results of the will of the people because you do not like it. The right of Americans to peacefully protest is one of the principles which make us a great and democratic society. But seriously, where were you during the election? Many of you were just too busy or you thought your vote did not matter. Now you want to complain about a lawful election result? This situation is identical to people who want a certain result and do not get it. They always want to redo the vote until they get their desired result. Democracy does not work that way. To change the system would destroy the greatest and fairest system in history. The idea of America would be destroyed.

Protests Erupt

The protests have a darker side. Most of the protests are organized with a large number of interests groups. A central core of protesters is paid to push people to extreme behavior. Many have said that revolution in America is necessary. Some have said that lives will be lost. Get over yourself. The US government is extremely tolerant of self- expression and peaceful protest. However, if you are perceived as a threat to the security of the US, you will be dealt with harshly. The US government has access to all of your data, your phone conversations, your tax returns, and your contacts. The government can bring all of its might against you. Promoting armed revolution is insanity. You will destroy your life, your family’s life, and your future. Wake up and do something useful. You need a hobby. You can donate your time, coach a sport’s team, run for office or do anything useful.

Understand Democracy

In 2008 and 2012, the elections did not go well for approximately 50% of the population. Did you see anyone marching or protesting the results? No, a much different reaction occurred. The voters understood that the people had spoken and accepted the results. You need to understand how our system works.

Some of the blame is the result of our way of life and our educational system. The population now perceives that the individual is more important than the collective. The affluence of America and poor parental guidance has spawned a population of malcontents. At this time, no one can fail or perceive that their view is wrong. This opinion is wrong. The majority of younger people entering the workforce will have a rude awakening. Employers want results.

Despite your threat of revolution in America, the present system will endure. People will not revolt until everything has been taken. Do you really want revolution by force? Many people would die and more important, you may not get your cafe latte from Starbucks. Americans are too apathetic and lazy for revolution. Thirty-eight percent of the population does not work and most can not live without fast food. Protesting regime change is futile. The election is over.