Journalism is Dead


Buried and Not Likely to Be Reborn

In the movie, History Of Violence, William Hurt says to incompetent assassins who were supposed to kill his brother,” how could you f@#k this up?” We now have the same question to ask to the elite media. How can you be so wrong about the election of Donald Trump? Journalism has been on life support since 2008 and now will be proclaimed almost dead. Only 30% of Americans trusted journalism prior to the election. This number has now decreased to 8%.

The worst of the worst award goes to the New York Times and The Washington Post. The publications were once my idols of information and the greatest of journalist publications. They have been reduced to a propaganda outlet for the democratic party. These papers have become glorified sensational papers. The only difference is that the hot sheets are entertaining and often break important news before the media does.

Is Journalism Dead?

The real tragedy of the collapse of these once great papers is the dedicated journalists who believed in their profession. These people remain but have been changed by politics. Pressure from the far left wing has led the publications into a severe decline and into a death spiral. The elite media will continue to shrink and will be fodder for comic skits on Saturday Night Live. The owners will continue pouring money into these financially strapped companies. They are among the wealthiest people in the world and probably will not stop financing the papers until total financial disaster.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution used to be an iconic newspaper that was one of the best in the nation. The publication became so out of touch with its readers that fewer and fewer subscribed to it. Most of the prior writers became so radical that no readers were interested. It has survived but now has to plead with readers to subscribe. Similar events are occurring with numerous papers across the country. The companies have become caricatures of themselves. Few believe the “news” published in these papers and this trend will continue.

The publications will now go into high gear to damage the Trump administration’s legitimacy. If they had put similar energy into investigating the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton’s Foundation, readers would know that they were impartial and believable. These once great American icons are now slipping into insignificance. Owners have begun to realize that no matter how much money is spent, you cannot always get what you want. The desired result eludes them. The American people are as not easily mislead as they thought.

Can it Survive?

The elite media will need a new narrative. But judging from the past, the direction will be based on politics rather than the truth. The reality of Washington and New York is far from the real lives of US citizens who struggle to survive while others live in a false Orwellian utopia. The lives of the elite have nothing in common with the average American. The presidential election has exposed how wrong and out of touch the media really is.

Hail to the greatest that was Rome! This will be the slogan for the publications. Repent now! Become the publications of the past or perish. Make a difference for all of us. I hope the profession of journalism has not been completely destroyed.