Infinite Shades of Gray

shades of gray

And The Answer Is: We Are Always Right! Wrong!

We live in a world of infinite shades of gray. Almost anyone who has lived a long life has arrived at the conclusion that little is absolutely right or wrong, black or white. How wonderful it would be to be young again and be right about everything. To have the absolute conviction that everyone before you is wrong and ignorant. What a wonderful dream that only your generation and their actions could solve all problems of the world. How many times have you heard this?

As people mature and have to support themselves and their family, the ideals of yesterday seem less relevant. A new reality emerges for nearly every young person. The individuals who constantly complain or those who are fanatical and uncompromising must be independently wealthy. No one else can afford to keep protesting. After all, now they have a family that depends on them. There are other more pressing problems.


Our generation learned that life is very unfair. Most of the people I knew who went to college were just happy to have the chance for a better life. The great majority of college students were from middle-class families. Their parents were so proud as they were probably the first member of the family to attend college.

Today, everyone expects to go to college, regardless of the cost or the fact that they may graduate with a financially useless degree. What a wonderful world where everyone is educated but has no skills!

In prior times you actually had to pay for your education. Approximately 7 million college students since the 1990’s have never paid any money for their college loans. Today the total of nationwide college debt is more than 1.2 trillion dollars. Yes, over a trillion dollars! This debt is different than our national debt of nearly 20 trillion. Yes, trillion and not billions or millions. Do you know how many zeros are in a trillion? Twelve.

This debt is different from our national debt of nearly 20 trillion. Yes, trillion and not billions or millions. It takes twelve zeros to make a trillion. The stack of dollars is so great that you could stack them to the moon and back. This debt will lead us all to a bad end.

How long can the debt accumulate? No one seems to know, but eventually, the ax will fall. This result of this debt will lead toward national bankruptcy.

Do Smart People Have The Answers?

The answer is unequivocably, no. The same ideas have been recycled throughout time. The solutions seem so black and white but the shades of gray are becoming infinite as we age.

The solution to recurring problems of humanity seemed so obvious when we were all young. If everyone worked together for the common good and shared, we could solve all problems. Well, this is not going to happen. The unfortunate fact is that people are greedy for power and wealth. They will do anything to achieve and protect it. Look around the world and see how few nations have the right to free speech and economic opportunity. Even in the US, the wealthy will do anything to remain wealthy and have the “common” people serve them.

Shades of Gray Apply To Everything

As we age, we realize that almost everything we once thought or believed is wrong. We evolve over time. How few things seem constant. The only constant thing I am sure about is that tomorrow will be different. This evolution occurs in nearly every aspect of life. How could I have been so wrong about almost everything?

My father had minimal education, but he had great wisdom. He understood life and the way things evolve. Almost everything he told me has happened as he said. I wish I had been smart enough to listen. I have tried to pass similar wisdom to my children with little success. You have to live and learn. Young people do not have the wisdom of a lifetime.

They too will develop infinite shades of gray and understand that individuals evolve. If only they could see their future, they would not have to face the reality of their early decisions of their life. The younger generation will make the same mistakes we did. They will evolve.