History Repeats: Will They Come For You?

by Tiffany Von Arnim, Flicker

Angry People, Violent Crowds

How could people have become so angry and thus resort to violence to advance their agenda? How can a prosperous, intelligent, hardworking, and democratic society have turned to such means? We have come further than any present day society and overcome seemingly impossible odds. Can all the progress and dreams be extinguished by a power hungry, violent minority?

Is This Really Happening?

Angry, violent, organized crowds attack any opposition to their own beliefs. They believe that they can subjugate people to serve their own means. Greed and power are central to the organizers. The attitude that they are smarter than everyone else and that they should make decisions for all is the root of the problem. These power hungry people are Machiavellian. They believe that the end will justify the means – at all costs. I would never have thought that people would be so brutalized for expressing an opinion.

As A Good Citizen, What Am I To Do?

All of us appear as sheep. We continue to do our jobs and support our families and communities. Is this not what good citizens do? We watch the rallies becoming ever more authoritative and violent. The violent groups calling for an overthrow of our leaders and our government. The leaders of the protests have no understanding of the consequences of destroying a political or economical system. This will only result in chaos and misery for the masses. The method of obtaining power is not questioned.

They Came For My Neighbor, I Did Nothing

As the situation has become worse, the angry, power hungry, and greedy protesters have begun singling out individuals for retribution. The angry mob came for my neighbor. The mob did not beat or physically damage him. They chose to assassinate him by using the news media and by public humiliation. I did nothing. Could I have made a difference if I had stood tall and resisted?

In the end, I can see my country’s and my family’s future slipping away. They angry mob will eventually come for me.  How could this happen in my Germany in 1936?

Parallels Of History, Present America

History repeats because humans fail to heed the past. We have not yet reached the point of the angry mob at our doorstep. However, when a group is so empowered that it injures or kills in the name of progress, we are close. The situation becomes similar to previous repressive and violent regimes. The angry mobs of America have not come for you yet. They have not come for me yet.

When democracy is threatened by thugs, anarchists, and power groups, you have a choice to stand up or become one with the group that manipulates and destroys. We are at a crossroads in America. I hope we take the path not taken. As a senior citizen, I have seen history made and history repeated. I have seen the same political situation, the same corruption, and the same violence occur over and over again. We need to wake up or they will be coming for me and then they will be coming for you. Will you stand for your neighbor when the time comes?