Ex-President Obama, Please Come Back


How Can You Possibly Do More For This Country?

President Obama, we all hope that you have had a wonderful vacation. You deserve a long rest after your work as president. Every president ages very rapidly due to the stress of the position. Maybe you can turn back the clock with long vacations. You have no doubt reflected upon the successes and failures of the last 8 years. You realize the heavy burden of power. Decisions of ordering drone attacks and killing many people must weigh heavily on you as a pacifist. The low-grade wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen, and multiple other areas must have been very difficult to confront for a non-military person. The Middle East remains on fire.

What Happens Now?

Your people say that you are ready to return to work. What are you going to do? Ex-presidents do not normally interfere with current presidents or try change policy of sitting presidents. You had your chance to change America. You came with one of the highest support from the general population. Your agenda became too radical for most Americans. If you had worked through congress to make changes, President Trump could not remove most of your changes with executive actions. You could not work with your party or across the aisle. This single fact doomed the future of your accomplishments.

The Republicans Want You Back

You have been the best recruiter for the Republican Party in history. In the last 8 years, the Democratic Party has lost more representation at all levels of government throughout the country. Why did you not pivot and move to the middle to govern? The final result has been the Democratic party’s loss of the Presidency and both houses of Congress. The Democratic Party is now in shambles. The democrats can only hope to obstruct. A very old Nancy Pelosi should not be the face of the Democratic Party. No young person can identify with her or with Chuck Schumer. Change of the party at the top is badly needed.

President Donald Trump Says Thank You!

Let’s face it. Without your agenda, Donald Trump could have never been a candidate or become the president. Your interview saying that Donald Trump can never be president now seems incredibly naive. You should consider your comments carefully in the future to avoid embarrassment. The country has now shifted from left to far right. You have no one else to blame. You cannot correct this mistake. You can only work to rebuild the Democratic Party and not by violence or by suppressing free speech.

The population is frightened by the violence and anarchy at rallies. These actions will drive people away. In addition, you can influence the remaining fragments of the Democratic Party to refrain from severe anger and obstruction. You have the ability to act from within and produce change. Show the people that you are above the utter failure of the present democrats and repair the party. The US needs two strong political parties to have a democratic society.