CNN (Complaining Network News)

The Collapse of CNN

Remember the excitement of around the clock news when CNN went live years ago? CNN was the most influential news organization in history, until the last 10 years. A rapid degradation of news reporting is underway. The news is no longer the news. Political commentary dominates the network. Wolf Blitzer remains a talented news reporter. I have watched his career since he began reporting the news and he has always been someone I could trust. The early years of CNN also had competent news anchors. How could such a great news organization be hijacked by the current management?

CNN Corrupted by Political Organizations

The last 10-12 years have seen a complete reversal of direction for CNN. Every program is politically motivated with the goal of destroying the Republican Party and now Donald Trump. Have they completely lost their senses? What happens if they succeed and a sitting president is removed? The two party system and eventually democracy will be undermined. CNN has become a knowing accomplice of the Democratic Party. Becoming a propaganda tool is below their organization. If the Republican Party is destroyed, how long before the Democratic Party will censor CNN? Single party governments rarely need more than one official party news center. Beware!

How Bad Has It Become?

When tuning into CNN nightly news, there is always a large panel of political analysts. It is not enough to have one analyst, but in addition, they have 8 to 10 special interest individuals on the panel. Having these single minded individuals on the political panels makes CNN appear desperate and weak. Wake up and do the real news. No one cares about these bitter political analysts. Anger has become the tone for CNN. Please put on a better face and attitude and your ratings will improve. CNN needs to move back to its roots and forget the present angry political discourse while it can.