Clinton – Gone for Good?

Hillary Clinton

A New Era is Beginning

Americans have spoken to reject the recent political party that has lost touch with its citizens. Washington has been out of touch for at least 30 years.

A reversal of direction for the political system occurred with the 2016 election. The most recent government has politicized our judicial and law agencies. Truth has become, not an option, but something to be avoided. When you watched press conferences, you were assured of getting no answer or better yet, fantasy.

The Election Is Behind Us

The last eight years of democratic party achievements will likely be wiped away with executive orders. The democratic party cannot complain since this was a favorite method of legislation. The democrats never complained of executive orders in the last 8 years. If Trump uses the same methods, the democratic party will claim foul. Elections have consequences. This statement will come back to haunt the democratic party since they have lost the presidency and both houses of congress. The past president and the democratic party have been the best recruiting tool ever to happen for the republican party.

Hillary Clinton was out of touch with Americans in the recent election. She did not understand the economical anxiety of Americans. She presumed that Americans were a basket of deplorables, and too uninformed to understand her grand plans. How can such a very wealthy elitist understand the average American? Can she make a comeback? She has been counted out before and returned. I doubt that we have seen her for the last time. She could run for mayor of New York city but that would be a small prize for one who has had the prior world stage. Her e-mail scandal, pay-for-play, and the Clinton foundation may be fully understood in the future.

Time for a Positive Future

Trump will be faced with more problems than any previous president. The middle east is in utter disarray from recent policies. The economy is stuck in reverse from excessive regulations and taxes. The GDP is a paltry 1-2 % per year. That GDP is not enough to sustain our economy. The GDP numbers may have been fudged for years. The number may possibly be negative. We now have more people on disability and food stamps than ever in history. One out of every five American family households have no one in the work force and are completely supported by the government, or rather by you. The labor participation rate is the lowest in history. The unemployment rate is actually 10 -15 % rather than the stated government rate of 4.9 %.

The government should be truthful with Americans. We are not as out of touch as elitist politicians believe. I hope that the severe divide between the democrats and republicans will not continue. One bright spot does exist. Harry Reid, the divisive politician from Nevada, has retired.

It is America’s greatest hope that Donald Trump will be a president for all Americans without every aspect of government being politicized. If he can create jobs, calm the middle east, and work for all Americans instead of just for a few, we will have an improved US. Hope is eternal. We need competent and successful policies. We need every American to work together.