Celebrities Leaving Us?

Celebrities leaving us


WAA! WAA! WAA!  Numerous entertainment celebrities have threatened to leave the US if Donald Trump is elected. Well, he is elected. Can we help you whining children pack? You may have found that you are not as important as you think. You make ridiculous statements. Do you think anyone cares except your sycophants and your agent?

No one in this country cares what you think or do. If you cannot take the heat, get out of the kitchen. You will not be missed. In fact, if you leave, you will be back within 18 months and will deny your statement. For the average American struggling to get by, you are of no consequence. Your egos are larger than imaginable and you are of minimal significance to the human race. Since you are wealthy, you live in a fantasy existence. If you leave, most people will not care. Do you really think that moving to Canada is an option? You will freeze. Leaving southern California is not imaginable for the rich and famous.

What Are You Waiting For? GO

The simple truth is that our election system has worked. We are not a banana republic or dictatorship. Be proud that you are fortunate to be born in a country where you can be rewarded for hard work. The people have spoken. Donald Trump is the president. He will do his best for all Americans. He deserves the support of every American. Your idle threats and imbecilic statements are of no consequence. You need to leave and back up your threats. People will respect you more. By the way, renounce your citizenship and show us what you are really made of. You will return to this country which is the greatest the world has ever known.

You make the American people sick. Please leave.